GNN’s Declassified Bullet Hole Survival Guide

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of the dramatic transformations our campus has taken this year.  The mailroom makeover, new carpeting in freshman dorms and the library, more bottle fillers at fountains, the likes.  But the most exciting renovation is by far the new Bullet Hole.

Digital rendering of the new Bullet Hole – courtesy of Providence Engineering Corporation

Sure, I’m excited to be able to fit more than 10 people in Bullet at once, but it honestly took me 2 years to figure out how old Bullet worked, then another semester to figure out its replacement last year.  So if you’re anything like me, you’re really not looking forward to walking around Bullet at 12:15 on Monday trying to figure out where to get your damn buffalo chicken sandwich looking like a freshman on the first day of senior year.

The following are the dining options available at Bullet Hole – from left to right.

Bullet Express:  Pre-made foods such as PB&J and other cold sandwiches, salads, etc.  The same idea as the coolers of prepared food in old Bhole.



RootSimilar to Ikes, Root is your stop for salads and healthier foods.  Unlike Ikes, Root will have some 30 more ingredients and toppings including various grain blends, kale, beets, and roasted veggies.

bullethole pi


PiFor pizza and pasta, go to Pi.  Like before, they have custom 7 inch pizzas.

bullethole bredHigherBred:  The classic cold sandwich line – but with a few new sandwich options and freshly baked (every day!) sub rolls and some new sauces.

bullethole abes


Abe’s Faves:  Abe’s is kind of the new grill: burgers, veggie burgers, grilled chicken, etc.  Not to mention, they have mac and cheese every day. Abe’s also serves breakfast sandwiches Monday through Friday and is home to the specials, like Chicken Finger Friday.

bullet kazueKazue:  In addition to its location next to the Majestic (old Flats), Kazue will have a permanent presence in the Bullet Hole where you can get pre-made or custom-made sushi.  They also have teriyaki beef, chicken and veggie rice bowls during lunch on weekdays!

Also be on the lookout for nightly “Pub specials,” which will be Bullet Hole’s take on pub foods such as wings, cheese sticks, and mac and cheese bites (this is dangerous).

bullet commons

Commons, now located to the left of the CUB desk, still has many old favorites but has answered pleas to serve more convenience-store-type items, such as frozen burritos and pizzas, microwave mac and cheese, etc.

The Dining Staff is also working on an app that will allow students to order ahead and pay online and then pick it up at Bullet Express a specified time (what a way to beat that 12:00 rush!)

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