New Semester, New Games

Once again, it’s the start of a new fall semester at Gettysburg, and the Games Club has added many new games to our lineup. Whether you’re a casual gamer, or an experienced pro, we have games that you’ll enjoy.

In previous years, our club has heavily focused on Magic The Gathering, and although we will continue to play matches at club meetings, we plan to branch out significantly this semester. We have video games such as Mario Kart, other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, and even party games such as Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party (Jackbox mobile games). Also, as per usual we are open to suggestions!

One type of event we’d like to host more of this semester is game tournaments. We’ve hosted casual tournaments in Magic in the past, but with more games comes more options for competition! We have access to the game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, which is a new 2D fighter-style game, which would be easy to play in a tournament format. This game in particular adds an added level of strategy because every battle is a tag-battle where you must fight using two characters as a team.

Another event we’ve been hosting is Pokemon Go raids. The game has received multiple updates over the summer, the biggest of which being Pokemon Trading and the Friend System. With these new improvements, even a novice Pokemon Trainer can quickly rise in power with a few trades from the club members. With more members, we can catch elusive Legendary Pokemon even easier!

If any of these games sound appealing to you, or even if none do and you want to play a different game, why not drop by the Games Club? Meetings are Friday nights at 8PM in Glatfelter Hall room 104. See you there!

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