Student senate victory: 5 water bottle refill fountains added to first-year residence halls

During the 2018 spring semester, Student Senate’s Executive Board and Budget Management Committee (BMC) broached the notion of adding more water bottle refill fountains, specifically within first-year residence halls.

Despite their expense (each fountain/installation costs over $3,000), the idea received widespread support in the both the senate and throughout campus. The fountains are not only convenient but environmentally friendly; they promote the adoption of reusable water bottles in lieu of wasteful plastic ones.

After fiscally responsible fall & spring semesters, the BMC was able to allocate around $20,000 for these fountains. Unsurprisingly, the budget passed overwhelmingly in the senate.  Select senators worked closely with Jim Biesecker, Gettysburg’s Director of Facilities Planning & Management, during the final month of the academic year and over the summer to ensure that the fountains would be installed for the incoming class of first-years.

The 5 new water bottle refill fountains have been added to Stine, Paul, Rice, Huber & Hanson.  

GNN reached out to recent Gettysburg graduate and former Student Senate Treasurer Sarah Berkowitz about the installation :

We are disappointed that Senate hasn’t gotten the recognition for this project, and we encourage the current Senate to advocate for stickers or signs on the water bottle fillers that advertise that the funding and advocacy for the installation was student driven and paid for by Student Senate.”

This development signifies a campus wide victory for student senate, one from which all students, as well as the environment, will benefit.

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