GNN’s guide to Gettysburg: what to do on the weekends

As the first weekend of the semester approaches, students have ample time to explore the town of Gettysburg. As such, GNN has compiled a list of fun or interesting places to go in town, most of which are a relatively short walk away.

  • Sweeet! THE Candy Store in Gettysburg – This cute shop is an automatic inclusion on any student’s Gettysburg Bucket List. They sell almost every kind of candy you can think of, as well as older, more unique brands. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, they sell cool socks, unique sodas, & Pez collections.

Address: 100 Baltimore St 

Weekend Hours:  Friday & Saturday – 11AM to 7PM, Sunday – 11AM to 6PM

  • Lark & Gettysburg Baking Company – Lark is a nice store stocked with cute knick knacks (perfect gifts for your mom), as well as fun socks and Swell water bottles. They also sell a variety of candy and chocolates, some of which include taffy, wilbur buds, and buckeyes. In addition, Gettysburg students get a 10% discount! After you’re done shopping, you can pop in next door to the Gettysburg Baking Company, which offers tasty sandwiches, pastries, and fresh bread.

Address: 17 Lincoln Square

Weekend Hours: 

(Lark) – Friday & Saturday – 10AM to 8PM, Sunday – 10AM to 5PM

(Gettysburg Baking Company) – Friday – 8:30AM to 6PM, Saturday – 8AM to 6PM, & Sunday –  9AM to 3PM

  • Majestic Theater – This beautiful and majestic (ha!!!) theater shows current films, so check their website to see what’s playing and catch a flick with your friends. In addition, the theater hosts several Sunderman Conservatory concerts, which are free for students.

Address: 25 Carlisle St

Check their website for shows & tickets here.  

  • Farmer’s Market (in the square) – They sell delicious, local treats like apple cider donuts, sticky buns, & whoopie pies! Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available for purchase, and it serves as a nice introduction to the local businesses of Gettysburg.

From now to October 27th, they should be open from 7AM to 12PM

For more information, check out their website.

  • Nerd Herd Gifts & Games – This was started by a current Gettysburg student, so support your peers! They sell quirky games, stuffed animals, and some funky socks. In addition, they have a giant human-sized chess set outside.

Address: 10 York St 

Weekend Hours: Friday & Saturday – 10AM to 8PM, Sunday – 10AM to 5PM

  • (The new) Starbucks – Whenever you’re feeling basic, you can now stop into the new Starbucks! Located next to the Gettysburg Hotel in the square, it is very spacious and offers all the comforts of your average Starbucks.

Weekend Hours (assuming they are the same as every other Starbucks): Friday – 5AM to 10:30PM, Saturday – 5:30AM to 9:30PM, Sunday –  5AM to 9PM

  • Fourcorners Comics & Games – As the name suggests, they sell hella comic books, action figures, and host Magik tournaments, if you’re into that.

Address: 42 Baltimore St

Weekend Hours: Friday & Saturday – 10AM to 8PM, Sunday – 10AM to 6PM

  • Bluebrick Gallery – This gallery displays pretty cool local art and definitely deserves a look.

Address: 18 N Washington St (nestled between Ice House and Food 101, across from 7-Eleven)

Weekend Hours: Bluebrick is only open when artists are in studio, which is signified by a flag outside the building.

  • Mr. G’s Ice Cream – Besides the fact that all the ice cream is homemade and hard (a big win in my book), Mr. G’s beats Half Pint because of its walkability.  Grab some friends and taste the legendary flavor (don’t even waste your time with that froyo place that you’ll pass on the way there).

Address: 404 Baltimore St

Weekend Hours: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – 12PM to 10PM

  • Waldo’s – Check out their Facebook page for updates on live music (typically a few Fridays a month).  Or, just grab a cup of coffee in a place with a vibe slightly more local and artsy than Starbucks.

Address: Basement, 17 Lincoln Square

(AKA Lark’s basement)

Weekend HoursFriday & Saturday – 11AM to 11PM, Sunday – Closed

  • Little Round Top & Devil’s Den – Among the finest sunset watching locations around.  For the early risers, the paved paths and roads around this part of the battlefield make an awesome alternative to the gym.

Address: Just find it

Weekend HoursFriday, Saturday, & Sunday – All day err day

  • Take a Ghost Tour – Honestly, this is probably a waste of $11 but if you go to Gettysburg and don’t go ghost hunting, do you even go to Gettysburg?  Besides, they generally run through campus to talk about spooky happenings at Penn Hall and Glat, so if you make it that far without seeing a ghost you can always jump behind a tree and wait for the tour to leave.

Address: 47 Steinwehr Ave

Weekend HoursFriday & Saturday – 10AM to 12AM, Sunday – 10AM to 9PM

  • Escape Gettysburg – A little pricier than some other items on the list, but if you have a good crew, this is a dope way to spend a rainy day.

Address:  59 N Fifth St.

Book here, times and themes vary.  

  • Goat Yoga – If not for the yoga, go for the goats.

Address: 365 Blacksmith Shop Rd

Find upcoming classes here.

  • Gettysburg Community Theater – For all the drama queens & theater geeks out there, the Gettysburg Community Theater offers shows year round.

Address: 49 York St

Find upcoming shows and get tickets here.

  • Gettysburg Hospital Thrift Shop – I don’t know about you, but my favorite designer is the Salvation Army.  Hit up this thrift shop on the square for $2 sweaters, Hawaiian shirts, and other used, vintage clothes for play or every day.

Address: 10 Lincoln Square

Weekend Hours: Friday & Saturday – 10AM to 4PM, Sunday – Closed

  • GettyPeds – “The fucking best part of Gettysburg” – Brittany Maronna, ‘19.  Bring banana peels to start your own Mario Kart game.

Address: 297 Steinwehr Ave

Weekend Hours:

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – 10AM to 6PM

  • Sunrise Soap Company – This is really just a great place to be.  If you’re not trying to buy stuff, blindfold a friend and see how many soap scents they can guess.

Address: 7 Chambersburg St

Weekend HoursFriday & Saturday – 10AM to 8PM , Sunday – 10AM to 7PM

Executive Editor Alexa Secrest contributed to this report

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