Your Excuse For Not Voting Is Probably Dumb

The funny thing about elections is that typically eligible voters who actually vote are already registered and ready to vote.  But so many people, including a disappointing number on our campus, have no intention to vote in this pivotal upcoming election.

My friends, like much of this campus, will often explain why they don’t vote with one of a few excuses.  Here is some shit people say when I try to convince them to vote, and why that shit is stupid.

  1. “My vote doesn’t really matter anyway” – Democracy dude!  We are #blessed to live in a nation where your vote actually does matter.  If everyone thought that way then nobody votes (except people with special interests that benefit them).  It’s like littering. If everyone or even a majority of people said “one person doesn’t matter,” I’m sure we would be trudging through a whole lot of litter.  Don’t fool like you don’t matter.

  2. “Politics don’t even affect me” – Ok tell that to literally any group that has been persecuted literally ever.  Maybe it feels like policy doesn’t affect you, but that is because you have the distinct privilege of living somewhere where the hardest battles have already been fought (i.e. via advocates for policy change).
  3. “The world is fucked anyway” – Maybe ecologically but ya gotta try.

That being said – how do you go about voting?

  1. Register!  Whether you decide to vote locally (meaning you vote on campus/nearby on officials with jurisdiction over Gettysburg) or at home (via absentee ballot which you mail in, so you can vote on what happens at home from school), you MUST be registered first!

When: before October 9th

  1. If by absentee, you must request the ballot be sent to you.  To do so, fill out this online form, print, and send your application for an absentee ballot (via snail mail) to your HOME election office (it will give you the mailing address when you apply).

When:  APPLICATIONS for absentee ballots are due to your HOME election office no later than 5p.m. on the Tuesday (Oct. 3) before the election – but because snail mail is snailly, the Dept. of State recommends submitting at least 2 weeks before the election (Oct 23.)

Hints if you plan to vote at CUB:

Municipality = Gettysburg
Ward = 2
District = 4

  1.  Vote!

In person:
Where: Cub 126
When: Tuesday November 6 (Election Day!)

Where:  wherever! You will receive your absentee ballot via snail mail AFTER you have applied for one. With that, fill it out and send it back home!
When:  it must be RECEIVED by the County Election Office by 5:00pm on the Friday before the election


Well, that’s about as simple as it gets folks.  Start caring about politics! And remember:  if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch!

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