Make your voice heard this year!

The Senate meeting this Monday, 9/10/18, stuck to the Executive Board’s hope to run Senate like a tight ship this semester. The meeting dismissed at 7:19, and a good amount of information was packed into those nineteen minutes.

Vice President Pat Custer ‘19 announced that First-Year voting for Student Senate is open, and will close next Monday the 17th. A Senate Desk for voting will be set up in the CUB lobby, and all first-years should make their voices heard.

Making voices heard was a theme of the meeting. The Budget Committee run by Treasurer Haley Gluhanich ‘19 will be meeting on Wednesdays from three to five in the afternoon in CUB 212, so any person interested in affecting how the Senate distributes funds should email Haley or just show up. Parliamentarian Abby Hauer ‘21 is holding Policy committee meetings every Thursday at 5:15 in the Senate office, which is the big glass box on the second floor of bullet, right above the doors out to Plank Gym.

President Arbaugh then delivered a speech that was both scolding and rousing on the subject of the Presidential Search Committee. 3 people, including one Gettysburgian reporter, showed up for the open meeting on Thursday. Arbaugh encouraged Senators to go, prodding them with the idea that “Your voices are important, you all have unique perspectives and come from unique backgrounds”. Like Senate, the Search Committee is an amazing opportunity for people to make their voices heard on this little liberal arts campus, and shouldn’t be ignored. This was followed by a reprimand from last week reminding Senators and Club Reps that they should not be on their phones during the meeting.

There is also now a google form for student concerns, found here. If you cannot make Senate, or do not want to stand up and speak in front of everyone, this can be a way to make your voice heard without having to do either of those things.

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