Say Yes to “Oui”

As a staunch patron of Bullet Hole breakfast, I recently sampled “Oui,” one of its yogurt offerings.

I was not prepared for such an experience.

This blessed concoction must be crafted by God Himself; it is at once sweet yet tart, and manifests in a glorious, velvety texture. I found myself swooning as I savored each scrumptious bite. The exquisite vanilla flavor tasted as if a fairy had personally plucked the orchid, percolated the pods, and then sprinkled them by hand into the glass container.

Yes, you read that right. Glass. Container.

Not only is “Oui” utterly delicious, but it is packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable glass pots. Yet such packaging is also crucial to how the yogurt is crafted.

As the charming name indicates, “Oui” is French, and stands in stark contrast to the bitter (and bankrupt) Greek yogurt.  Fear not, the name is properly appropriated; “Oui” is prepared according to traditional French yogurt making methods. This means that each glass jar is individually filled, and left to culture for 8 hours. Such a refined process does indeed produce a refined result.

The only downside to “Oui” is its price. Unfortunately, it does NOT count as a side at Bullet. As such, each jar will cost you three dining dollars. Despite this depressing fact, I truly believe the taste warrants the expense. If you find yourself as enamored with the product as I am, you can always purchase it in bulk at Giant for a cheaper rate. Doing so also provides more options; Yoplaît offers 12 flavors of “Oui,” although Bullet only sells strawberry and vanilla.

Either way, I encourage you to say yes to “Oui.”

5/5 (3)


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