Getting Into The Grind

The Student Senate is holding fast to its promise to run a tight ship this year. President Arbaugh ‘20 has already talked with President Riggs about the mold that has reappeared in Hason Basement; facilities is already working on clearing it out, and it is apparently a less harmful species than the black mold that was growing in the basement last year. There were several complaints about Facilities during the student concerns section of the meeting. President Arbaugh promised to speak with the facilities liaisons during the facilities task force meeting.


First-Year and At-Large Senators were inducted at this meeting, following which Secretary Balanda ‘21 introduced them to the basics of being a Senator, a fulfilment of her desire to create a training program as stated last year during the Executive Board elections.


Parliamentarian Hauer’s amendment was tabled, to be voted on next week. This amendment consolidates multiple Senate committees, clarifying who is responsible for what. It also establishes affinity groups, which clubs are grouped into by subject. Each group will elect a leader, who will have all the powers of a Senator. The groups all had short meetings during Senate; GNN is in the Social group, along with Debate Society, Quizbowl, HerCampus, Comic Book Club and 26PCG. The other club representatives expressed approval of the affinity group idea, and agreed that Senate this year seems much more organized than in the past.


The amendment would also give the treasurer the ability to approve base budget allotments all on their own. Clubs should be sure they are being responsible and submitting accurate, timely and relevant budgets to the BMC. Comic Book Club received their allotment to bring Marc Tyler Nobleman to campus for Linccon, but China Club did not receive their open house reimbursement due to a failure to advertise to the whole campus community and a failure to communicate clearly with the BMC.

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