Beyond the Gettysburg Bubble: Global News Highlights

There’s a lot of world out there!  Take a few minutes to get your head out of the Gettysburg bubble and catch up on some of what’s going on beyond campus this week.


  • Leaders of North and South Korean (Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in) met today in the Pyongyang where they discussed a series of advancements toward economic and social cooperation, including:
    • Denuclearization
    • Closure of a North Korean missile launching site
    • Connection of railways
    • Allowing families separated by war to reunite
    • Cooperation on health care
    • Promised diffusion of military tension
  • Cuba’s President publicly pronounced his advocacy for same-sex marriage.
  • Remnants of American-made bombs have been found at the sites of several deadly or near-deadly attacks in Yemen, including an airstrike that killed dozens of young boys.  These findings indicate a higher level of U.S. involvement in Yemen’s civil war which has been ongoing since 2015.
  • After months of weed being a state of partial decriminalization, on Monday, South Africa legalized marijuana (“dagga”) use in private by adults (it remains illegal to consume in public).  The ruling further legalized growing the herb for private consumption.
  • Upwards of 100 people are dead in Nigeria as a result of excessive flooding of its two major rivers.
  • UK froze aid flows to Zambia upon the Zambian Government’s admission of over $4.3 million having disappeared, presumably as a result of the continued corruption in its current presidential administration.
  • The Trump-China trade wars rage on:  China imposed another $60 billion in tariffs on American goods on Tuesday, following American tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports on Monday.

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  • President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, awaits Senate confirmation, but the hearing is not going as smoothly as he would hope.  On Sunday, a former acquaintance of Kavanaugh accused him of sexual assault in their high school years, which has led the Senate to execute a full-fledged investigation of the allegation.  A public hearing will be held next Monday, September 24th during which Kavanaugh and his accuser will both testify under oath.
  • A young man suffered a fatal shark attack on Cape Cod on Saturday.  This is Massachusetts’ first death by shark attack since 1936.
  • Writers of Sesame Street have clarified that the dynamic duo of Bert and Ernie are not, in fact, gay.  As puppets, they are without sexual orientation.
bert ernie
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This article was written by Executive Editor Haley Skinner ’19

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