New Partnership: Gettysburg College & The Wall Street Journal Collaborate to Provide Access to Students & Faculty

This year, Gettysburg College has partnered with The Wall Street Journal, a business-focused, international newspaper, to provide full memberships to both students and faculty. Although the WSJ does emphasize economics & finance, it also offers robust Opinion, Life & Arts, and World News sections, all of which cover a wide range of topics.

Typically, one must purchase a subscription to access The Wall Street Journal’s content; however, this collaboration allows campus members to fully benefit from the newspaper through their affiliation with Gettysburg College.

As per the Wall Street Journal’s press release regarding the partnership, the newly granted access will be particularly helpful to students because The Journal “provides career advice and ties real-world examples into what you learn, giving you the opportunity to enhance your educational experience and stay ahead.”

Via the newly implemented, school-sponsored WSJ membership, one is now able to:

  • Research topics relevant to your courses and/or career
  • Save & share pertinent articles with other students
  • Follow companies & industries that interest you
  • Track real-time stories & trends
  • Enjoy the most engaging coverage of arts, culture & life

To activate your new, school-sponsored membership, please go to

If you already have an account and have questions about your school-sponsored membership, call 1-800-JOURNAL or email


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