Don’t Fall Down On Senate Attendance

Senate is still working on figuring itself out, four weeks in. Elijah Fernandez ‘21 was appointed Senator for the Class of 2021 following the resignation of the previous Senator for schedule reasons. Several clubs were either dissolved or de-recognized for lack of attendance, and many others attended hearings last Friday to let the Senate know why they had not been to Senate for the first three weeks. The Historical Society, the Austrian Economics Club, the Interfaith Council, and Shots in the Dark were all officially Senate-Recognized at the same time, adding clubs to the Gettysburg Roster.

The amendment proposed by Parliamentarian Hauer ‘21 in the first week was finally passed without a single nay vote. Treasurer Gluhanich ‘19 can now approve base budgets by herself, and every treasurer after her will be able to do so as well. There is a clearer succession order in the class officer structure; previously only Vice-Presidents could replace Presidents, but Treasurers and Secretaries can as well now. Senate Committees have been consolidated, and Affinity groups, the mechanism which will give club reps a greater voice in the Senate, were brought into being.

DCF was awarded $3,500 to bring an estimated 40 students to the DCF conference from October 19th to the 21st. The club followed the conference amendment, first reaching out to other organizations for help, which they did not receive. The scholarship money will cover about half the cost of the conference, which is open to anyone on campus.

Biosphere submitted all their events for the semester at once, and so each was voted on separately. Most of their events were approved in totality; however, the Senate determined that they did not need Chinese food for the Pumpkin Decorating event, based on the request for pumpkin pies as well. Food was also determined superfluous for the science center decorating event. The club representatives present agreed that they could obtain flash drives from career development services for their CV writing event. The Senate also determined that the club was spending too much money on granola bars for their kayaking event with GRAB.

Affinity Group leader elections also took place at this meeting. Congratulations to:

    • Brian Schimmel for the Academic group
    • Jenna Pavis for the Arts and Music group
    • Marc Manu for the Cultural Group
    • Joshua Gonzalez for the Political Group
    • Laura Fodale for the Religion Group
    • Sydney Kaplan for the Service Group
    • Rhiannon Winner for the Social Group

This article was written by Managing Editor Randy Feeley.

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