Beyond the Gettysburg Bubble: Global News Highlights

There’s a lot of world out there!  Take a few minutes to get your head out of the Gettysburg bubble and catch up on some of what’s going on beyond campus this week.


  • Tensions in US-China relations escalate:
    • The U.S. Airforce flew 2 bombers over Chinese military facilities in areas sensitive to the Chinese military.
    • President Trump accused China of trying to interfere with November’s midterm elections in attempts to disturb POTUS’ political power.
  • At least 29 people are dead after a terror attack at a military parade in Iran.  It is yet unclear who is responsible, though Iran is blaming the U.S. and Saudi Arabia for supporting attackers.
  • Ebola is on the rise in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  It has already claimed at least 69 lives, and is likely to proliferate, given DRC’s failure to quell other diseases and its preoccupation with domestic conflict, consistent civil unrest and other humanitarian issues.
  • A new study revealed that killer whales’ existence is threatened by highly toxic chemical pollutants that have historically been used in various manufacturing processes such as making plastics, paints, electrical equipment, etc.
  • India introduced a new free healthcare plan – the biggest in the world which ensures roughly half a billion of India’s poor have free coverage.
  • The Maldives elected a new president, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.  The former president had been accused of eroding democracy and jailing opposing leaders.  Thus, this change of power could prove quite beneficial to the Maldivan people.
  • A gay teacher in Zimbabwe (where homosexuality is illegal) resigned from his position of 15 years after receiving myriad threats of legal repercussions and even death.
  • India’s highest court legalized adultery.
  • President Trump called on members of the UN Security Council to support and match sanctions against Iran so as to prevent growth of their nuclear programme (which Iran contends is unwarranted “bullying”, as they are allegedly not building nuclear weapons).
Photo courtesy of Daily Monitor


  • Meth’s presence is growing (most notably in Oklahoma, though the opioid epidemic still runs rampant throughout the nation)
  • SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh will have a final decision on his confirmation today, after weeks of deliberation and PR crises surrounding several sexual assault allegations.
  • Bill Cosby was finally sentenced to 10 years in prison for a handful of decade-old sexual assault charges.
  • President Trump was low-key humiliated by the UN General Assembly, where he bragged that “in less than 2 years, [the Trump Administration] has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”  He assured other leaders that “America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control and domination” which was followed by laughter from his colleagues.
  • Presidents Trump (U.S.) AND Moon Jae-in (South Korea) signed a trade deal to better economic relations via “reduce[d] bureaucracy and increase[d] prosperity”.
  • Another  Trump-Jong Un (U.S.-North Korea) meeting appears to be in the works for the near future.
Photo courtesy of Fox News

This article was written by Executive Editor Haley Skinner

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