New Video Games Coming this Semester

There have been many great games released this year, but 2018 is not over yet. Some of the most promising new video game titles are scheduled to release in the next few months, so why not learn a bit more about these titles?

On October 5th, Nintendo will release the newest Mario Party title to the Nintendo Switch console. Mario party has a long history, and is known as a staple title among Nintendo fans. For those unfamiliar, Mario Party consists of various gameplay modes in which players race around a board collecting stars. Each player rolls dice to move, and landing in certain spaces will trigger a mini-game in which the players compete for stars. At the end of the game, the player with the most stars wins. Mario Party is a great game to play with friends, and it’s certainly a game I would recommend for anyone with a Switch.

Not a fan of console games? No problem, because there are plenty of great PC games coming out in the next few months. A hidden gem among multiplayer PC games is the Lethal League series, which will be releasing its latest title: Lethal League Blaze on October 24th. The game plays somewhat like Super Smash Brothers, but with a twist; rather than fight each other with punches and kicks, players battle by hitting a ball at each other as it bounces around the screen defeating anyone it touches. Fans of 2D fighters or platformers are sure to enjoy Lethal League Blaze.

How about a game for those who like anime? My Hero One’s Justice is coming to PC and several consoles in it’s North American release on October 26th. One’s Justice is a 3D fighter game based on the popular super-hero anime My Hero Academia. Featuring 20 characters from the anime, and more DLC characters on the way, fans of the show are sure to enjoy battling their friends in this brand new franchise.

Finally, on to Nintendo’s heavy hitter for this year. Announced at E3 earlier this year, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releases worldwide on December 7th as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This latest iteration of the popular Nintendo fighter franchise will feature every single character from past games in the series, as well as several new ones. Boasting over 70 announced fighters and over 100 stages, this is sure to be a Nintendo title to remember.

Be sure to stop by Game Club on Friday nights in Glatfelter Hall room 104 at 8PM. If you aren’t planning on picking up any of these games yourself, we’ll have some of them available to play at club meetings. See you there!

This article was written by Games Club Correspondent Ryan Nadel ’21.

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