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The 6th and final week of winter break is here (seriously why is winter break so long) so you might be looking for something to fill these short, short winter days. I’m here to humbly offer up some underrated shows you might not have seen. My suggestion system is based on popular shows that most people have watched and offering alternatives that are similar to those shows. And if you’ve seen all of these shows then congratulations from the self proclaimed queen of TV. I’ll include which platforms to watch on if possible but also Google is free, so.

  1. Parks & Recreation/Community


If you loved the hilarious ensemble comedy, Parks & Rec you’ll be sure to also enjoy Community. Both aired on NBC and circle around a group of lovable misfits forced together by circumstance (the circumstance of the first show being working in local government and the circumstance of the second show being a Spanish study group). Bonus points for Community is that it centers around a bunch of (community) college students so its ~relatable~.

Platforms: Parks & Rec can be watched on Netflix and Community can be watched on Hulu.

2. 30 Rock/Broad City

30-rock-3.jpgbroad-city_s3_hero.jpgNBC’s sitcom peak of the early 2000s included the hilarious show 30 Rock centering around a professional woman just trying to have it all in New York City! If you like irrevocable proof that women ARE funny (seriously why is that even a question) you probably watched Tina Fey try to navigate love, a demanding job, and Mayhem himself (Dean Winters is a recurring character). Fey paved the way for other funny women like Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen in Broad City – which I just realized also takes place in NYC! Good job, Jordan.

Platforms: Unfortunately 30 Rock was taken off of Netflix but Broad City can be binged on Hulu or the Comedy Central website.

3. Breaking Bad/Lie to Me


If you’re a straight white male there’s a very high chance that you watched Breaking Bad when it was still airing on AMC. I just finished binge watching it this winter break after having started it 3 years ago because honestly it’s kind of boring (but that’s a different article). Anyways, if you enjoyed this gritty anti-hero drama, you might also enjoy Lie to Me. Cancelled after 3 seasons on Fox, Lie to Me is about a human lie detector named Cal Lightman. Lightman uses some shady, antihero methods to get his way, similar to Walter White. Granted, Lie to Me aired on a broadcast network so it’s not as violent/sweary as Breaking Bad but the main components are still there.

Platforms: Both Breaking Bad and Lie to Me can be streamed on Netflix.

4. Westworld/Lost



If you enjoy being confused, Westworld is for you. And if you’re old enough to remember the early 2000’s pretty well, you probably also watched Lost while it was airing. But now’s a great opportunity for the younger generation to binge it; sci-fi nerds, get at it!

Platforms: Westworld can be watched on HBO Go and Lost can be found on Netflix.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Psych


If you find a workplace comedy about a bunch of cops funny then you probably already watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But did you know that there was a workplace comedy about a bunch of cops that aired in the early 2000’s called Psych? Also did you know that it’s the funniest television show of all time? The only main difference between Nine-Nine and Psych is that Psych is composed of hour long episodes and it also did not tackle current events as much as Nine-Nine does while it was still on-air.

Platforms: Current seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine can be streamed on Netflix and Psych can be watched on Prime Video with an Amazon Prime account.

6. American Horror Story Coven/Scream Queens


This one is kind of a cheat because they’re both Ryan Murphy shows but if you loved the humor and casual horror of season 3 of American Horror Story then you’ll love the same components in Scream Queens. Both shows include Emma Roberts in amazing outfits.

Platforms: AHS is on Netflix and Scream Queens is on Hulu.

  1. American Crime Story/American Crime.







This one is kind of confusing because they both basically have the same name but American Crime Story is a Ryan Murphy anthology show in which each season covers a different real life crime. American Crime (now off the air) was also an anthology show that based each season off of a current event, but was not based on actual true stories. Both tackle gritty topics like race and immigration.

Platforms: American Crime Story is on the FX website and American Crime is probably going to have to be downloaded illegally.

8. Bojack Horseman/Community


Also kind of a cheat because Bojack Horseman isn’t super well known outside of TV critics and I’m doing Community Both are laugh out loud comedies that are low key sad sometimes (the dungeons and dragons episode of Community messed me up, as well as pretty much every episode of Bojack).

Platforms: Bojack is only on Netflix and I already told you where Community


Binge away!


This article was written by Managing Editor Jordan Fischetti ’20.


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