The Game of Thrones – Bud Light Commercial Was Absolute Trash

I would like to have some rather stern words with the human bag of cocksickles that put this whole ad campaign together. Because, I am rattled.

Don’t get me wrong, I like beer. And I love Game of Thrones. Hell, I’d even go for a Game of Thrones themed beer! (Shouts to Ommegang Brewery).

What I do not love, however, is whatever the hell that stupid commercial last night was supposed to be.

To say that the Bud Light/GOT collaborative ad “rubbed me the wrong way” would be like saying that the Super Bowl itself was “a bit low-scoring” (SPORTS!).

No, that disastrous atrocity of a commercial was like a two-minute-long kick in the nuts from start to finish…emotionally speaking, that is. Squarely in the emotional nuts…

I just feel dirty now. I feel wronged. So many people have held Game of Thrones in such a high regard for so long. This greasy money-grab was more of a betrayal of trust than anything else…

To see a show like Thrones stoop to such a low level is frankly embarrassing. For all of us!

A show of that quality has no business involving themselves in a slap-dick cornball “dilly dilly” Bud Light ad.

I’m just glad we have two whole months to forget about it. We didn’t need that shit, man!

Not to mention the fact that no one entity requires money or attention LESS desperately than Game of Thrones. Each episode costs as much to produce as a full cinematic feature film. It is inarguably one of the biggest television shows in human history, both in terms of production and popularity.

Thrones is a massively successful television program. That’s not even up for debate anymore.

The series has a ravenous following that rivals most world religions in terms of size. And, it’s based on the Song of Ice and Fire books, by George R.R Martin, which together comprise one of the greatest stories ever told.

So… why!? Why would they even bother doing commercials at this point!? It’s like seeing a commercial for sunsets, or close friendship, or sexual intercourse. Like, yes, we get it, that stuff is awesome.

A commercial for something that everybody’s already pumped about is redundant and wasteful. They don’t even need to advertise, period. Just give us a date and a time and the whole world will sit their asses down on the nearest couch and watch while their minds are blown to pieces by the epic finale of the best show ever.

Ok, I might be slightly biased. I am a huge fan of the show.

But, still. Do you really think that after a decade of high-stakes drama and intrigue there are still people out there thinking, “You know, this might sound nuts, but, I don’t really give a shit how Game of Thrones ends…”


I am literally fuming right now… I haven’t been this rattled since…Well, in good long while that’s for damn sure. This was like finding out Santa isn’t real. Innocence has been lost, damnit! Disbelief has been irreparably un-suspended! My faith in humanity is slightly lower than it was yesterday.

To be fair, though, I haven’t been tracking other people’s reactions to the ad online. So, maybe it’s being better received than I imagine it is. This column is just a knee-jerk reaction.

I could be overreacting. I don’t know. I just found the ad to be a classless ploy for attention, one that nobody asked for or needed…

I still love the show. I still love beer. I’m still going to enjoy the shit out of season 8. And, like all true fans, I’m still going to simultaneously cry and orgasm when it’s all over… Just being honest.

I would appreciate, however, if the showrunners (or whoever’s in charge of this stuff) would refrain from sullying the show’s good reputation for the sake of viral marketing. That’s all.


5/5 (7)


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