Review of Weezer’s Cover Album

By Jordan Fischetti ’19

Weezer’s album of covers, Teal, came out last week and after a quick once through I’ve determined they all…sound exactly like the original version of each song.

I don’t mean this as an insult, I still enjoyed listening to the album (even though some have described their cover of “No Scrubs” by TLC as a hate crime) because the songs they chose to cover are all already great songs. But what’s the point of covering a song, and especially doing an entire album of just covers, when you’re not going to add some new expression to the original work?

Some great covers that come to mind are Ben Howard’s cover of “Hey Ya” originally by Outkast!. This slower, sadder version of the song highlights the melancholy of the original lyrics.

And if we’re talking about great covers, obviously we need to bring up “The Man Who Sold the World.” Originally by David Bowie, Kurt Cobain covered this song notably on MTV Unplugged and immediately made the song his own.

If you want to go on a deep dive of great covers, this article details some of the best covers in music history.

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