Can We Talk About Parking Tickets?

Let’s talk about parking tickets.

I’m not the only person who’s noticed that DPS has been especially brazen with its parking tickets this semester. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t warranted. But it feels a little excessive.

What triggered this article is that DPS rejected my appeal for parking in Colonial. Apparently you need an ADDITIONAL parking pass to park in Colonial – who knew right?

Fine. Whatever. I didn’t have the permit. But can I just point out that it’s already $100 a year just to get a student parking permit. A permit that, might I add, only allows you to park in basically just the stadium lot, which is approximately 6 miles away from anything on campus, and select sections of the Science Center which is almost equally as inaccessible.

What really gets me about DPS parking tickets is that they’re completely arbitrary. There’s absolutely no reason why my general student pass shouldn’t allow me to park absolutely anywhere I want on campus. These rules are MADE UP and unlike other made up rules, they have truly no use.

Let’s compare DPS parking tickets to borough parking tickets for a sec, those of which I’ve had to pay my fair share of as well. And honestly, usually I’m happy to pay a borough parking ticket. I’m like, fine, you got me, my meter ran out. Or fine, you got me, I did a terrible job parallel parking and my right front wheel was more than 5 feet from the sidewalk.

Courtesy of my last Gettysburg borough parking ticket.

Also, borough parking tickets are only $15 ($17.50 with service fees when you pay them online.) DPS parking tickets are TWICE THAT. And what do they go towards?? Who knows.

All in all, to end this article, my venmo is @Jordano98 and if any kindly stranger feels like paying my parking ticket, it would go a long way for this broke-ish college student (which I mentioned in my appeal and DPS callously chose to ignore).


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